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  4. adaptive-vs-responsive-web-design

    Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design

    How do we deal with this tectonic shift in user behavior? We’ve moved beyond the era of m-dot or t-dot hacks, into one where responsive…

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  5. the-impact-of-social-media-in-seo

    The Impact of Social Media in SEO

    Social media is a great way to measure what real people think about a particular website. The search engines are able to pick up on…

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  6. website-functionality

    Website Functionality

    Your website is the direct representation of your company and your personality online. In this view, website creation and maintenance becomes a main tool of…

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  7. Web Design for Shipping Company

    Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation – A web design for the leading shipping company in the Philippines. Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC) was founded to…

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  8. reasons-why-we-give-importance-to-visual-content

    Reasons Why We Give Importance to Visual Content

    In creating a website, we should prioritize the objective of attracting visitors and make them stay longer in our website. It is important that we…

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  9. Web Design for Flower Shop in Quezon City

    Bundles of Flowers Flower shop located at the heart of Quezon City who has decades of experience in the flower arrangement industry. It’s goal is…

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  10. Web Design for Flower Shop

    Golden Blossoms Flower Shoppe At first, our team assisted the flower shop to to retrieve it’s domain name from its previous developer who just took…

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